How to Become a Teacher in New York

Thinking about making a career change? Starting something new? When contemplating their next move, quite a few people do research on how to become a teacher in New York.

Teaching is a profession that has stood the test of time; you make a valuable difference in lives and give back to the community all at one time. When taking a step of this magnitude you should know about your area and the criteria involved. That’s important. Let’s take a look at New York, from the “Big Apple” of New York City to Upstate all the way to the Great Lakes.

New York’s Economy

The job market in New York is steadily improving. The latest economic snapshot from the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) can provide a good overview of conditions in the many metropolitan areas of New York.

What About NYC?

New York City is a place of hustle and bustle. There are many activities to do and many things to see. The Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Broadway plays are always big hits. The shopping is phenomenal and you will be sure to find something you’re looking for.

Living in New York can be expensive. A lot of people either live on the outskirts or commute in from New Jersey or another state to work. Nevertheless, teaching in New York City can be quite exciting. You will experience a diversity you may not encounter in any other state.

The city has also been on a huge hiring wave. Last year it hired more than 5,000 new teachers and is still seeking instructors in the following areas: special education, speech, sciences, mathematics, ESL, bilingual, Chinese, Latin, middle school core content, high school core content, and early childhood in the Bronx and Manhattan districts 4, 5 and 6.

So, what are the incentives for becoming a teacher in New York City? Starting salaries have increased 43% since 20022. Starting salaries range from $45,530 as a beginner, to $74,796 with a master degree and eight years teaching experience. Teachers coming in with a master and no teaching experience start at $51,425. Salary step and differential programs are in place as well. Don’t forget that medical coverage, a pension plan, life insurance, employee discounts and union representation are available.

New York City does recognize reciprocity in a few states if you already have a teaching certificate. It also has a variety of teaching certificates that may allow you to get into the classroom earlier than full completion of your degree. Make sure to do your research and figure out which one best meets your needs.

Getting Certified in New York State

To become a fully certified teacher, you will need a bachelor degree at the minimum. The New York State Department of Education has a list of approved teacher preparation programs and online degree programs compiled to make your transition easier.

You also have to pass certification exams to ensure your knowledge on the subject you are about to teach. Although doing the work to get prepared on how to become a teacher in New York can be challenging, it could be well worth your while.