How to Become a Teacher in North Dakota

The teaching profession is ripe for new educators. If you’re planning a move to America’s High Plains or already reside there, read on for some tips on how to become a teacher in North Dakota.

What’s Good About Teaching

Teachers have many benefits. For one, teachers retain their jobs longer than people do in most professions. Once you’re in, longevity can lead to job security, especially if you’re good. You also have benefits such as health, retirement, vacation, sick leave and more. Teachers have the opportunity to raise a family and spend time with their children more than folks in other professions. The days off are many and the vacations are long. Let’s look at how to become a teacher in North Dakota:

If you’re already a teacher, there are reciprocal programs available where North Dakota recognizes your teaching certificate from another state. This could prove very useful when trying to move from one state to another.

The average elementary teacher salary is $43,110 and the average secondary teacher salary is $41,240, though pay for beginners probably will be much lower. And there are 15 weeks of vacation per year.

Education Requirements

All teachers in North Dakota are required to have at minimum a bachelor degree from an accredited institution. Online degree programs are one option for acquiring your bachelor or master.

North Dakota also requires specific numbers of hours of professional education coursework:

  • Elementary education: 34 semester hours or 50 quarter hours.
  • Secondary English/language arts: 26 semester or 40 quarter hours.
  • Secondary mathematics: 26 semester or 40 quarter hours.
  • Secondary history/social science: 26 semester or 40 quarter hours.
  • Secondary Science: 26 semester or 40 quarter hours.

The North Dakota University System has specific teacher-education programs to walk you through the process of obtaining the proper classwork needed. Teachers who hold master degrees make more money. To become certified, you have to pass the PPST (Pre Professional Skills Test) and the Praxis II, which is the subject matter exam.

Facts on North Dakota

The climate in North Dakota varies. You can be sure you will get cold weather in winter, but in the summer it is very nice. Here are some fun facts on North Dakota:

  • North Dakota had 521 schools, 96,323 students and 8,416 teachers in 2011 for a student-to-teacher ratio of 11.44-to-1, far below the national average of 15.97-to-1.
  • North Dakota produces the most sunflowers in the U.S.
  • Theodore Roosevelt National Park is in North Dakota

You could make a good living in North Dakota as a teacher. For more information on incentives and criteria, the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board can help.