How to Become a Teacher in Indiana

Those who hope to become a teacher in Indiana must follow a specific set of steps. All teachers need to achieve certification for the right to teach in Indiana; here’s a look at the path to getting certified:

Education Required

Indiana requires its teachers to have a bachelor degree to apply for a license. The degree can be in any area, but it is helpful if the degree matches the area in which the applicant wants to teach. For example, if a person wants to teach history, having a four-year degree in history or a related field would be helpful. As an alternative, if a person wants to teach outside his or her area of education but has several years of practical experience working in the field, this could be accepted as well.

Those who already have a bachelor degree should consider earning a master degree. Indiana wants well-educated teachers to lead the state’s students into the future, so the more education its teachers have, the better prepared the state will be.

Required Examinations and Experience

Indiana teachers must take and pass both the Praxis I and Praxis II exams to earn a teaching license. Also, teachers in Indiana must have experience in the classroom. This experience can come from student teaching, a volunteer teaching position or other teaching opportunities.

Application Process

Students who have the required education and experience should send their application package to the Indiana Department of Education. The application package should include:

  • A completed application, including desired teaching locations.
  • $35 check or money order made payable to the state of Indiana.
  • Copies of all test scores.
  • Official transcripts and/or copies of your degree(s).

As an alternative approach, prospective teachers can also contact the Indiana Department of Education to discuss their particular situation. Indiana wants dedicated people to enter its classrooms, so those who have a unique situation that would make them an ideal teacher can set up an appointment with a school system representative to find out how to get into the classroom faster.

Job Demand

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers will be in demand through 2020. Attrition, retirements and as a desire for lower student-to-teacher ratios will create a need for additional teachers. Although growth in the Midwest is expected to hold steady, teachers still will be needed in Indiana. Also, teachers with advanced degrees can move into administration positions and as educators in other types of schools, such as community and technical colleges.

Statistics for Indiana Schools

Indiana has 1,992 schools, 58,121 teachers and 1,047,232 students, which works out to a student-to-teacher ratio of 18.02-to-1, higher than the national average of 15.97, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. That means Indiana teachers might have slightly more crowded classrooms than their peers nationwide.

For those who want to know how to become a teacher in Indiana, the process is straightforward. Getting the requisite education can be achieved either through a regular college experience or through an online degree program. There are a variety of schools that will allow students to take courses from the comfort of home when it is convenient. Search for a school that is accredited, and start down the path to a new teaching career.