Why get a Master’s in Educational Leadership

Earning a master’s degree in educational leadership demonstrates a commitment to professional development that can help you earn better pay and promotions into more challenging work. The master’s in education platform is designed to give teachers and graduate students the skills to provide exceptional leadership on campus and from the district office.

Educators who want to move into leadership positions can take courses that prepare them for the challenges facing our nation’s public and private schools. Concordia University offers a one-year plan to complete its master’s degree in education leadership online (M.Ed).

Concordia’s program promises to deliver the leadership skills necessary to guide faculty and staff in both primary and secondary education environments. Completing the M.Ed. ensures graduates are fully prepared to:

  • Collaborate effectively with other educators and supervisors.
  • Take a leadership role to implement research-based programs and incorporate appropriate teaching techniques and educational practices into the classroom.
  • Effectively evaluate and modify existing practice and theory in the classroom to improve student achievement.
  • Support professional development with online and on-campus tools and resources.
  • Integrate technology that meets the changing needs of faculty, staff and students.

A master’s degree in educational leadership program prepares management-level educators for the present and the future. Although course names may differ from school to school, master of education degree plans usually provide advanced instruction in topics like such as:

  • Financing for schools
  • Law for school environments
  • Supervision and evaluation: protocol and practice
  • Organizational theory
  • Strategic planning for K-12 and higher education
  • Human resources: motivating through leadership
  • Pedagogy
  • Human development
  • Relationship of leadership and learning

Education Requirements

Applicants to a master’s in educational leadership program must already hold a bachelor degree, preferably in education or a related field. Individual requirements may vary from state to state and it is important for students to verify state requirements for managerial and leadership roles before choosing an educational path for career advancement.

Career Options: What You Can Do with a Master’s in Educational Leadership

Leadership roles for educators include a wide array of choices from principal to district superintendent. People with a desire to support faculty and staff with a sound, research-based approach who also possess strong motivational skills are the best candidates for leadership roles in educational environments. Possible career paths include:

  • Administrator
  • Principal
  • District superintendent
  • Department manager
  • Professional development coordinator
  • Secondary education instructor

What to Consider if You Pursue a Master’s in Educational Leadership

The Bureau of Labor Statistics lists a wide range of salaries for school administrators. Salaries depend on the size of the educational institution, the state where the school is located and the academic level of instruction.

Average salaries for the various leadership positions range from approximately $45,000 to more than $85,000. According to the University of New England, the average administrator salary is $73,910 annually. Research points to a wide gap between the salaries in individual states. Educators who are considering a master’s in education career shift and who are interested in determining local pay scales should visit the state education department website for their region.

As states move toward the full implementation of the Common Core State Standards in 2014, school districts will need highly skilled, proficient leaders to set the tone and the pace for the transition.

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