Why Get a Masters in Educational Administration

A master in educational administration is a great degree choice that can lead to a rewarding career as a principal or school district administrator. People with a master in education can impact many lives, especially if they climb the career ladder and become principals, assistant principals and other leadership/management jobs in our school systems. Educational administrators have a range of options that usually boil down to working directly with students or overseeing teachers.

Education Requirements

Because most people seeking a master in educational administration are already working teachers, master in educational administration programs usually require that applicants have a current teaching license for the state they live in or comparable experience in a private school setting.

Given that a teaching license is required to pursue a master in education administration, all applicants should already hold a bachelor degree. Some teachers have a bachelor degree in education while others have a degree in the subject they teach, such as English or mathematics.

Because the people pursuing the master degrees already have the majority of their education completed, many one-year programs are offered. Some universities, such as Concordia University, offer the program online, making it very convenient for working professionals.

Career Options: What You Can Do With a Master in Education Administration

Earning your master in education administration opens a range of career options. There are educational administrators in every level, including elementary schools, junior highs, high schools, and colleges and universities. People with this degree may choose to work directly with students by taking an admissions job or something similar, or they may oversee teachers by serving as principals or vice principals.

In post-secondary education, people with this degree could become a dean over a specific subject of study or over the students themselves. Hence, any leadership role at a school can be held by someone with a master in educational administration.

What to Consider if You Pursue a Master in Education Administration

The career outlook for educational administrators is positive. For starters, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that school principals earn a median salary of $83,710 per year, or $40.24 per hour. These jobs have a projected job growth of 19 percent by 2020, compared to just 7 percent for teachers. Most educational administrators receive an enviable benefits package with retirement options, health care and paid vacations.

The work environment is another great benefit. Educational administrators usually have nice offices and rarely have to work outdoors. They can also look forward to a pretty regular schedule, working basic school hours. However, unlike teachers, they usually do not get the summers off, as there is a lot of work to get done to prepare for the upcoming school year.

Educational administrators also get rewarded on a personal level as they get to work with students and teachers every day and help to shape the country’s future.

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