What kind of Jobs are Available in Higher Education

With the emphasis on the importance of going to college stronger than ever, higher learning institutions are recruiting more than just students. They are also offering more jobs in higher education. While a college professor is the most obvious distinguished position at a university, the alternative does not necessarily mean mopping floors in the cafeteria. In fact, there are many instances where going to school for an online degree can translate into a a very fulfilling job in higher education.

Education Requirements

Those who wish to pursue a career in higher education will normally need to pursue higher education themselves. Although some jobs, such as admissions representatives, administrative assistants, and other operations based positions can be secured with a Bachelor’s degree only, those who wish to build their career in higher education and involve themselves in the student experience on a deeper level will most likely want to pursue a Masters in Education or similar degree because this is where jobs in higher education are going to show the most promise and highest pay.

Because many people continue to work in other jobs while pursuing career advancement or change, an online degree has become the key for many to seize the opportunity to make these adjustments in their careers.

Career Options: What you can do with a Master Degree in Education

Some people who pursue a Master DegreeĀ  in Education may do so because they are teaching and hope that an advanced degree will mean a raise in their current position or an opportunity to move from working with high school or elementary level students to working with students in a university or community college setting. Some may want to continue teaching, but others may want to redirect their efforts toward research, student advisement, counseling, alumni relations, or facility operations. All of these are areas where many degrees in education hold a focus.

Those who do not want to look for faculty positions in higher education can work in Academic Advising, Career Services, Admissions and Enrollment, Fund Raising and Development, Facilities Management, Counseling, and more. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics doesn’t list every possibility for jobs higher education, there are a few positions listed that give those seeking similar positions some idea of what to expect.

What to Consider if you Pursue a Master Degree in Education

The first is Post Secondary Education Administrators. These positions require a master degree, and in 2010 the median pay was over $83,000 per year. The job outlook for the decade is 19%, which is close to average. Administrators oversee academics, student services, and research at post-secondary institutions.

The next possibility is a career counselor, which also requires a master degree, and is expected to grow at a rate of 19%. The pay scale is lower for for counselors, at just over $53,000 per year. Additional licensing may also be required.

Instructional Coordinators are also an option. They typically make slightly more than counselors, at nearly $59,000 per year, and the expected opportunities over the next ten years are slightly better at 20%. Most coordinators actually work in a high school or elementary school setting and help to define academic standards and implement plans to see that educational goals are met. As higher education continues to be emphasized, it is likely that jobs will also be available at universities as well.

Of course, becoming a college professor is also a possibility. The growth rate is expected to be at 17% and the pay averages near $62,000 per year. To teach at a regular university, however, a doctorate or professional degree is normally required. Some professors, however, begin with a master degree and teach only freshman level courses or at a community college or technical school.

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