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E-books help keep students’ minds sharp over the summer

By Rob Klindt It’s an annual ritual: Summer break arrives and students toss aside books and put learning on hold in favor of family activities, sports and outdoor fun. For some students, lessons just learned in school are quickly forgotten. It’s called the “summer slide,” and it’s a term most K-12 educators know well. A […]

Great Social Networks for Teachers

By Rob Klindt Social networks are among the most powerful and versatile tools for teachers. From networking with other educators to sharing lesson plans and learning resources, social networks offer a multitude of personal and professional benefits. For educators, social networks widen opportunities to: Partner with other teachers or schools. Share ideas. Build a professional […]

Education Search Engines Help Teachers Show Children How to Use the Internet

By Rob Klindt One of the most important tasks for K-12 teachers is deciding the best ways for students to search the Internet. While the big search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo are wildly popular among adults, they may not be the best choice for the classroom. The voluminous and often unfiltered results returned […]

Websites Help K-12 Students Build Science Knowledge

By Rob Klindt A good grasp of practical concepts in everyday science is important in K-12 education because many 21st century jobs are increasingly requiring workers to be versed in scientific principles. Fortunately, the Web has an abundance of sites to help students discover the mysteries of science, boost their scientific knowledge and prepare for […]

Common Core Tech Tools for Teachers

By Rob Klindt As the move to align classroom curriculums to Common Core State Standards (CCSS) picks up speed, many teachers are looking for tools to help them prepare and update their lesson plans. Fortunately, the Internet is awash with a growing number of websites, apps and downloadable software programs that support the CCSS goals. […]

10 Great Websites for Auditory Learners

By Rob Klindt Teachers are increasingly turning to technology to help address the distinct learning styles of their students. Web technology is particularly helpful to auditory learners, who thrive on verbal discussions, lectures and debates, and make up about 5 percent of all students. Auditory learners are the least common, compared with: Visual learners, who […]

10 Great Websites for Kinesthetic Learners

By Rob Klindt While only about 15 percent of students are kinesthetic learners, it’s important for teachers to keep the needs of these students in mind when developing classroom lesson plans and activities. These students are often described as “hands-on” learners because they need to include movement, organization and tactile activities while learning. That’s not […]

Eight Benefits Technology Brings to the Classroom

By Rob Klindt The introduction of modern technology in schools started slowly in the 1990s with computer labs, later followed by Internet access and interactive white boards in classrooms. Today’s technology — including tablets, e-books, social media, smartphones and mobile apps — is quickly transforming the entire classroom experience for teachers and students. In addition […]

10 Great Websites for Visual Learners

By Rob Klindt As most K-12 teachers know, students have a variety of learning styles, and  lesson plans and exercises must be flexible enough to accommodate everyone. The three most common student learning styles are: Visual: Students respond to charts, multimedia, demonstrations and flashcards. About 80 percent of students fall into this category. Kinesthetic: These […]

STEM Resources K-12 Teachers Should Know About

By Rob Klindt While science and mathematics have always been important core subjects at K-12 schools across the United States, technology and engineering classes have been relatively few. That’s changing quickly as the nation steps up its investment in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education to meet the demand for skilled workers who will […]

How Educators Can Benefit from Personal Learning Networks

By Rob Klindt While a Personal Learning Network (PLN) can be as simple as a teacher taking time to meet regularly with close colleagues to talk about school programs and district issues, it can be much more. Imagine being able to connect directly with education experts across the country or around the world who have […]

Cool Ways to use Skype in the Classroom

By Rob Klindt Of all the tech programs that have found their way into the classroom in recent years, Skype is possibly the most exciting and versatile. The popular Web-based video conferencing program offers K-12 educators many creative ways to enhance their lesson plans and boost student learning. Among the most popular: using Skype to […]

Apps, Websites Encourage Students to Eat Well and Stay Active

By Rob Klindt Most veteran teachers have seen the strong correlation between good nutrition, physical fitness and students’ academic success. A study released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that schools play a critical role in promoting the health and safety of young people and helping them establish lifelong healthy behaviors. And […]

10 Online Tech Tools to Learn Foreign Languages

By Rob Klindt Gone are the days when students learning a foreign language had to listen to boring cassette tapes, memorize long vocabulary tables and page through dusty textbooks. Technology, from mobile apps and automated flash cards to searchable bilingual dictionaries and downloadable audio, now makes learning another language easier and more fun. For teachers, […]

10 Ways That Technology Helps Students Learn

By Rob Klindt There’s no question that online and digital technologies have transformed how students learn in today’s classrooms. Educational software, online learning networks and tablet computers are just some of the high-tech changes that have become classroom staples in recent years. And the march of technology into the educational arena is showing no signs […]

Best Math-Teaching iPad Apps for Under $1

By Rob Klindt One of the most challenging tasks for K-12 teachers is making a subject like mathematics interesting and fun for students. Fortunately, the recent influx of tablet technology into schools has helped make learning mathematics easier thanks to a wide variety of educational apps focusing on all levels of math from basic counting […]

10 Websites that Make Learning Fun for Kids

By Rob Klindt Technologies — from interactive whiteboards and scanners to online testing and attendance trackers — have excited a lot of educators in recent years. And a lot of their students have responded with a collective yawn. But classroom technology doesn’t have to be dull. Teachers aiming to get kids excited about learning need […]

How Teachers can Add Twitter to the Classroom Toolbox

By Rob Klindt With more than 200 million users worldwide sending about 500 million tweets each day, Twitter is one of the most popular social media programs on the Internet. Its popularity is tied to its versatility. In addition to personal communications, Twitter is widely used in business, education, politics and even in government. It […]

The Best Online Communities for Teachers

By Rob Klindt Online teacher communities offer one of the best ways for new and veteran educators to keep up with industry trends. These communities encourage teachers to collaborate and share resources with colleagues, discuss teaching strategies and connect with experts in the education field. Joining a teacher community can also help teachers find resources […]

Apps, Websites Ease Teachers’ Back-to-School Workload

By Rob Klindt Every teacher should be prepared for the back-to-school season. As soon as students tumble back into the classroom after a summer away from studies, everything should already be in place to ensure a smooth transition into the new school year. Among the things teachers should have ready on the first day of […]

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