What’s a Teacher’s Salary these Days?

A teacher salary depends on a wide range of variables. Locations, work experience, education levels and  school district resources all play a role in how much teachers are paid. A rural preschool teacher might earn as little as $25,000 a year while a suburban high school teacher might make twice that much. Big-city college professors have been known to pull in six-figure annual salaries.

In any case, school teachers usually enjoy relatively healthy annual salaries, reliable benefits and plentiful opportunities for growth.

Education Requirements

Education is a major component of teacher pay — those with degrees beyond a bachelor’s often get a bump in their paycheck and qualify for promotions to administrative jobs that pay even better.

A bachelor degree is required for most teaching jobs, along with a teaching certificate and a license to teach from your state. Job skills and building trades such as automotive repair may not require a college degree, while certain jobs require a master’s degree. College professors typically are expected to earn a doctorate.

Teachers are also required to attend workshops and engage in continuous-learning programs to upgrade their skills and stay abreast of the latest developments.

Career Options: What You Can Do with a Teaching Degree

There are plenty of career paths for educators who’ve earned their bachelor’s or master’s degree. Those who’ve taken up early childhood education as a specialty often go on to teach in pre-K, kindergarten or elementary schools. Those who look forward to helping students with special needs often gravitate towards special education. Those with masters’ degrees also have opportunity to work on the administrative aspects of education, and those with a doctorate often qualify to become college professors or top managers of a school district.

What to Consider if you Pursue a Teaching Degree

According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, teachers in elementary schools and high schools earn a median annual salary of $51,380, while college professors and instructors earn a median of $62,330 per year. Teachers working with special-needs students often make slightly more than the average annual salary. In addition, some teachers supplement their income by working other jobs during the summers.

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