How to Become a Teacher In Mississippi

Individuals interested in how to become a teacher in Mississippi need to be aware of the specific steps required. Prospective teachers have several options in order to become a teacher.

Education Requirements

The state of Mississippi requires a bachelor degree for teachers to qualify for a license. There are no specific subject area requirements for the degree, but a degree in English, math, science or history are the most common for secondary school teachers. People who want to pursue teaching in an area outside of their undergraduate major may be able to apply experience working in the field.

Required Examinations and Experience

Mississippi teachers must take and pass the PPST, the PRAXIS II PLT and the PRAXIS II subject exam to earn a teaching license. For aspiring teachers who do not have degrees in education, Mississippi recognizes and accepts the certification from the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence. This program recruits individuals from other disciplines and industries who are interested in changing careers, and offers certification classes that will make a person eligible to teach. Mississippi Troops for Teachers, which helps military members transition into the classroom as teachers, is also available.

Job Demand

According to the U.S.Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), teachers will be in demand through 2020. Attrition, as well as a desire for lower student-to-teacher ratios, will create a need for additional teachers.

Demand for teachers in the South is expected to increase, so this means teachers will be needed in Mississippi. School districts in rural or low-income areas offer incentives to educators who decide to teach in those areas. Also, teachers with advanced degrees can move into administration positions, as well as teach in other types of schools, such as community and technical colleges.

Studying Online to Become a Teacher

For those who want to know how to become a teacher in Mississippi, the process is not particularly complicated. Getting the requisite education can be achieved either through a regular college experience, or through an online degree program.

With an online degree program, students can complete their education and still work, which is very attractive to many people. There are a variety of schools that will allow students to take courses from the comfort of home and and when it is convenient.

It is important that students thoroughly research all schools that interest them and ensure the program they intend to pursue is regionally accredited. A degree from an unaccredited school or program might not be recognized by certification organizations, and this could prevent a student from being certified to teach. Once an accredited school has been selected, its time to buckle down and begin the journey to a new teaching career.