How to Become a Teacher In Louisiana


You’ve got a lot to learn if you’re interested in how to become a teacher in Louisiana. Read on to find out how you go about becoming a teacher in Louisiana and to get an idea of the benefits of educating the children of the Bayou State.

Relevant Statistics for Teachers in Louisiana

Louisiana has the 25th-highest population in the United States. Residents live in rural or urban areas, and many of the state’s larger cities boast a vibrant mix of people and cultures.

  • According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Louisiana had 1,509 schools, 48,650 teachers and 696,588 students as of 2011. That represents a student-to-teacher ratio of 14.32, which is below the national average ratio of 15.97-to-1.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), teachers in Louisiana earn an average salary of $48,790. This is significantly less than the average salary for teachers across the United States, which is $57,770.
  • The average cost of college tuition in Louisiana is $4,435 per year.

Job Demand and Growth in Louisiana

According to the Louisiana Workforce Commission, employment for secondary school teachers is expected grow by 4.4 percent over the next 10 years. Although job openings for teachers in Louisiana are increasing, Louisiana’s rate of increase is somewhat lower than the national average of 7 percent. This means that finding a job as a teacher in Louisiana may be more difficult than it would be in other states, so teachers should be prepared to compete for positions.

Program Information

If you plan to become a teacher in Louisiana, you must earn at least a bachelor degree from an accredited institution, and you must complete an education program approved by the state’s board of education. During your teacher education program, you will study the principles and methods of instruction, and you will learn techniques for assessment and classroom management. Most teacher education programs will also include fieldwork. When pursuing your degree, you can choose from traditional classroom programs or online degree programs.

To obtain Louisiana licensure, you must show evidence of your completion of an approved teacher education program, as well as your bachelor degree. You must achieve a passing score on the state’s teacher certification examinations.

Benefits to a Career as a Teacher

Teachers work predictable schedules, which allows them to easily plan leisure activities and vacations — a key advantage if you’re attracted to the culture of, say, New Orleans or the Bayou Country. Teachers also enjoy a significant amount of time off, both on the weekends and in the summer. In addition, teachers are often able to advance their careers and earn higher salaries by obtaining more years of experience or working toward higher degrees in the field of education.

Finally, teachers have the unique ability to influence their students, both inside and outside the classroom, and they are able to see the results of their work firsthand as they watch students grow and succeed.