How to Become a Teacher In Kentucky


Whether you live in the Bluegrass State or think you’d like to relocate there, knowing how to become a teacher in Kentucky could make a difference in your professional life. Kentucky offers its teachers competitive pay and is seeking educators for lower-income areas of the state.

Required Education

To teach in the state of Kentucky, a minimum of a bachelor degree and a teaching certification are required. The degree should be in English, math, science or social studies. Teachers are also required to pass certification exams such as the PPST and PRAXIS II basic skill and specialized area exams.

For teachers from other states considering moving to the state, Kentucky offers reciprocity for teaching certifications for all states except for Alaska, Iowa, Minnesota and Mississippi. If you have a teaching license from one of those states, you will still need to test for certification. Anyone who has a bachelor degree but does not have a valid teaching license also must pass the exams.

Earning Potential

Teachers in Kentucky meet the national salary average for educators, and those with additional education such as master degrees exceed the average. The average salary for a teacher in Kentucky is $48,120. Teachers with advanced degrees or years of experience earn upwards of $72,000. This makes teaching one of the highest-paying professions in the state, with salaries 145% higher than the state average.

Benefits of Becoming a Teacher in Kentucky

For those who are seeking to make a difference in the world, teaching is a pursuit that allows a person to mold young minds and prepare them for the future. Teaching also requires a person stay on top of trends and pay attention to the events of the world so they can be addressed in the classroom. People who yearn to help others often find their solution once they enter the classroom.

Teachers who pursue advanced degrees can also move into the administration side of education, take the leap and teach at a college or university or become an educational consultant. With the abundance of online degree programs, gaining the additional education can be done from the comfort of home.

Online Programs to Become a Teacher in Kentucky

Several colleges offer online programs in education. Before selecting a school, online or otherwise, be certain it holds regional accreditation. Some certification tests allow only graduates from accredited schools to sit for exams. Concordia University, University of Phoenix and Western Governors University all offer education programs, with student teaching set up through a school in the student’s geographical location.

For those who are interested in becoming a teacher in Kentucky, the benefits are there. Whether a person is licensed, has a degree but needs a license, or is just starting the education process, teaching in Kentucky will provide satisfaction and fulfillment that could last a lifetime.