How to Become a Teacher in Hawaii

Learning how to become a teacher in Hawaii can give you the opportunity invest not only in the future of children, but also in the future of a state. Teachers who have earned a master or doctorate via online degree programs are well-poised to choose Hawaii as the place to advance in their career.

The state of Hawaii has initiated a series of reforms to improve the quality of education throughout the islands. As a result, the demand for quality teachers in the state’s public schools has grown as the Department of Education takes measures to prepare Hawaiian young people for a rewarding future. Teachers in today’s Hawaiian school environment find themselves in a position to help make these school improvements through their hard work and dedication to the field.

Hawaii by the Numbers

The Hawaii Department of Education employs close to 13,000 teachers across all of its islands. The highest demand for teachers is in rural areas of Oahu and on the neighbor islands. Though 374,658 of the state’s 1.4 million people reside in Honolulu, an overabundance of teachers in the capital has led to an increased need for teachers elsewhere.

Hawaii pays its teachers fairly well, with starting wages above the national average, reflecting the higher cost of living on the islands. Teachers who have completed a state-approved teacher education program who have a bachelor degree earn a starting wage of $42,509, according to the Department of Education. This increases to $45,909 for teachers with a master degree and $54,741 for teachers with a doctorate.

Demand for Teachers in Hawaii

People who are considering pursuing online degree programs that train teachers are going to want to know how much demand there is for teachers in the state of Hawaii. According to Work Force Hawaii, Hawaii adds around 1,100 new and replacement teachers each year to cover the job vacancies left by retiring teachers.

Between 2002 and 2012, the state saw a 16 percent increase in its ranks of primary, secondary and special ed teachers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS) indicates a 17 percent growth for elementary teachers and a 7 percent growth rate for secondary teachers in the coming years, so Hawaii is in line with national projections.

Benefits of Learning How to Become a Teacher in Hawaii

Teaching is a rewarding field that can allow you to touch the lives of the next generation. By becoming a teacher in Hawaii, you’ll have the chance to make an impact on Hawaii’s youth while earning a fair wage in a field with excellent growth potential.

How to Become a Teacher in Hawaii

Becoming a teacher in Hawaii begins with the right education. Potential teachers will need to complete a state-approved teacher education program from an accredited college or university, including online degree programs from appropriate schools. Upon completion, candidates will have to pass the appropriate PRAXIS tests for their teaching field through the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board.

Once the schooling and testing is completed satisfactorily, teachers will need to complete an interview with a professional staff interviewer. They will also need to apply for a license from the Hawaii Teacher Standards Board. After successful completion of the interview and licensure process, a teacher is ready to apply for a teaching position.