How to Become a Teacher in Georgia

If teaching is your calling, Georgia is a good place to settle down. The average pay for an elementary teacher in Georgia comes in on the top range of the national pay scale. A school teacher in Georgia can earn an average of more than $53,000 year. Couple this with the 15 weeks of vacation time a year that a teacher get, and it all starts to look pretty good.

Requirements to Work as a Teacher in Georgia

When learning how to become a teacher in Georgia, you will find that a bachelor degree is the minimum requirement to teach across the board, as is true across the United States. Additional education such as a master degree greatly improves the chances of getting a teaching position and makes a higher starting salary a real possibility. Online degree programs offer teachers a viable choice for pursuing master and even doctoral degrees.

Courses of Study

There is a combination of curriculum and fieldwork involved in garnering a teaching position in Georgia. The teacher’s curriculum includes instruction on basic knowledge and skills. This is the study to prepare a student in the art and science of a career in teaching. This prepares and teaches the student how to do research, while giving them direction in designing ways to implement their learning experiences into their field of study.

The fieldwork section of a teacher’s education generally includes student teaching, field observations and an internship. In Georgia, to become a certified teacher, it is necessary to pass a Basic Skills Test and any assessments necessary for your specific area of study.

Certification Tests

Since 2006, Georgia has required teaching students to pass the GACE (Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators). This test is given to assess the skills of a perspective teacher and assure that only the qualified contenders are being approved to become educators and the teaching system is getting top-notch personnel. The GACE test measures a candidate’s skills and overall knowledge in relation to set criteria and does not grade performance in regards to the test outcomes of other Georgia public school educators. The passing scores are established by the recommendations of The Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC), which is made up of a group of Georgia educators.

Average Costs

The average cost of getting a teaching degree is around $45,000. This cost, of course, depends on many variables, such as where you go to school, how long it takes you to complete your education, etc. This can seem like a daunting financial outlay, but there are a number of resources to give teachers a hand with their education. With some research, you can find many loans, grants and scholarships available to help pay for your education.

Benefits of Teaching in Georgia

Georgia’s school system is growing. There are around 133,000 teaching jobs in the state’s 2,541 schools, and the number is expected to grow in coming years. With 1.7 million students, the state has a student-to-teacher ratio of 14.91-to-1, lower than the national average of 15.97-to-1.

Georgia teaching salaries start at about $31,000 per year for recent graduates, though the pay may be higher for those with advanced degrees. With a good starting salary and expanding growth in the area, having more than the necessary educational background can be a good investment for finding a future with the Georgia school system.