How to Become a Teacher in Connecticut

If you’re wondering how to become a teacher in Connecticut, you’ll need to research what certifications are needed and the assessments that you must pass. Read on for these requirements and more facts on working as a teacher in Connecticut.

Connecticut Teaching Certificate Requirements

When learning how to become a teacher in Connecticut, you will need to look into the certification and assessments that are specific to Connecticut as well as the general, across-the-board requirements. To get an Initial Educator Certificate, the first requirement is a bachelor degree that includes a teacher-preparation curriculum approved by the state of Connecticut.

Education Requirements

Like most states in the U.S., Connecticut requires teachers to earn a bachelor degree. While most people attend brick-and-mortar colleges and universities, it’s possible to get your bachelor degree via one of the many online degree programs; just make sure the program will qualify you to teach in Connecticut. Of course, the more education, the better the chances are of being hired. Having a master degree will help you stand out from other applicants.

Necessary Assessments

Connecticut schools require their teachers to pass the Connecticut Praxis series assessments, consisting of the Praxis I skills test followed up by the Praxis II subject area tests. For teachers interested in teaching foreign languages, the ACTFL will also be a requirement.

Working Requirements for Teaching in Connecticut

To receive a Provisional Educators Certificate, you’ll need 10 months of experience teaching with an Initial Educator Certificate. Then the next step would be to move up to the Professional Educator Certificate, which requires completion of 30 months of successful teaching experience in a Connecticut school. There maybe some extra coursework requirements, depending on your specialty.

Salaries for Connecticut Teachers

The salaries for Connecticut teachers vary by school district. The level of education, as well as the number of years teaching, will have a major impact on how much the salary will be for the teaching position. Teachers in Connecticut are making anywhere from $45,457 to $113,999. The low end of the salary scale goes to the entry-level teachers with a bachelor degree. The higher salaries go to teachers with more education and extensive teaching experience. The best way to move up the salary scale in the beginning of a teaching career is to have more education. Getting a master degree will increase earnings; the highest salaries go to teachers who have a Ph.D. in education.

Having the desire to teach can be a strong drive in some people. Continuing your education is the best way to become an effective teacher and earn the best possible salary.

Benefits of Teaching in Connecticut

In addition to competitive salaries, teachers in Connecticut enjoy lower-than-average classroom sizes. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Connecticut has 1,184 schools employing 42,951 teachers working with 560,546 students, which works out to a student-to-teacher ratio of 13.05-to-1, notably below the national average of 15.97-to-1.