What are the Job Duties of a School Administrator

The school administrator job involves overseeing school supervision while adhering to the goals established by the Board of Education and other governmental agencies. The options for an online degree in school administration range from elementary school positions to college level administration and leadership positions. Yet the focus of every option settles around training applicants in what it takes to make a school function smoothly.

School administrators fill the role of assistant principals, principals, vice principals and other specialized members of school management. They are involved in nearly every aspect of a school’s operation including overseeing the duties, procedures and tasks of co-workers, faculty and school maintenance personnel. The entry point of employment depends upon the exact function of the administrator:

  1. Principals, assistant principals and vice principals are typically assigned to a school campus
  2. Specialist administrators may be assigned to a central office in a given school district.

The duties associated with a school administrator job usually include working with teachers to ensure that class curricula conforms to standardized federal and state expectations. Likewise, the administrator makes certain that student performance tests are appropriate for the age group of the class. Discussion materials such as book choices and video recommendations must also align with the mandates of the school district.

Further duties of school administrators include:

  • Setting School Budgets – Principals are responsible for individual department funding, adequate classroom allotments, regulated spending and even some school fundraising programs.
  • Student Behavior Management – Principals and all the sub-applications of the term are also responsible for helping develop student behavioral management programs. The typical school administrator job involves establishing school rules and procedures for dealing with trouble students, school safety issues and a defense system that ensures limited influence from alcohol and drug abuse problems.

Education Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), landing a school administrator job as an elementary to high school principal requires a master degree backed up by one to five years of teaching experience. Specifics for schools such as the University of Nebraska Kearney include the following criteria:

  • General requirements for graduate studies
  • Undergraduate GPA of 2.75
  • Present two written recommendations from school administrators
  • Recommendations should address the student’s potential for performing graduate level studies and for educational leadership skills
  • Present a resume accompanied by an essay that clearly states why school administration is your career choice
  • Satisfactory scoring on the Pre-Professional Skills Test or a successful teaching record within the same school system.

Career Options and Training

The administration field includes various options that are not limited to education. Training varies according to the specific goals of the student. Career opportunities include openings in:

  • Business Administration
  • Executive Assistant
  • Law Enforcement
  • Health Administration
  • Office Administration
  • Public Administration
  • School Superintendent
  • School Administrator
  • School Principal
  • University President.

Things to Consider When Pursuing an Online Degree in School Administration

Going after an online degree in any field of education opens doors that can help students prepare for promotional opportunities. Consider your goals, but also consider the time and expense of pursuing that goal. Here are some important concerns:

  • Do you need to update your educational skills?
  • Can you gain instant benefits from new knowledge concerning current technological advancements in education?
  • Do you need a career change?
  • Can you squeeze out enough time to pursue a Master’s degree?
  • Are you tired of working outside the teaching arena, but don’t want to lose the benefits of your current professional training?
  • Do you need an increase in salary?
  • Are you ready to get into a supervisory role?

Occupational Pay Outlook for Elementary, Middle and High School Administrators

School principals typically work full time in private or public schools. Their tasks often extend into the summer days when school is not in session. The 2010 BLS report lists $86,970 as the median pay for a school administrator job as an elementary to high school principal.

By 2020, the job outlook for school principals is expected to expand by as much as 10 percent. Current budget deficits in state and local governments may affect specific areas, but both the southern and the western areas of the nation should see improved school administer employment opportunities throughout the coming years.

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