Preschool Teacher Job Description

If you’re thinking of a career working with young children, you’ll want to consider the preschool teacher job description. A preschool teacher works with children ages 3 to 5 and introduces them to history, science, reading and writing in age-appropriate ways.

As a preschool teacher, you’ll be charged with preparing young students for kindergarten by using play to introduce them to relevant concepts. For example, you might use storytelling to teach vocabulary and building blocks to teach counting and colors.

You’ll be working with very young children and you will be introducing them to their first school experience. There are special qualities you will need to help you work in this field.

You will need exceptional communication skills in both speaking and writing in order to interact with students and their parents. Creativity is a must. You must be organized and above all, have patience. Working with young children can sometimes be difficult and you need to respond calmly to unexpected situations.

Education Requirements

There are jobs available in preschools aides and assistants who have a high school diploma. To actually be a preschool teacher, a degree in early childhood education is required. Beginning in October 2013, 50 percent of Head Start teachers will be required to have a degree in early childhood education.

An Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood Education often  addresses the development of the whole child – from physical and emotional, to social and cognitive. These programs also program places emphasis on creating learning environments where natural curiosity is fostered and where all children thrive.

Many states also have certification requirements.

Career Options: What You Can Do with a Degree in Early Childhood Education.

A degree in early childhood education can prepare you for jobs as:

  • Nursery school teachers
  • Preschool teachers
  • Nannies
  • Special education teachers
  • Elementary school teachers through third grade.

What to Consider if you Pursue a Degree in Early Childhood Education

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as emphasis on the importance of early childhood education expands, the need for preschool teachers will grow. In fact, growth is expected to be 25 percent from 2010 to 2020, which is faster than average.

Why? According to the BLS,  “It is widely accepted that early childhood education is important for a child’s intellectual and social development. As a result, there has been increasing demand for preschool programs, which is expected to create demand for preschool teachers.”

Additionally, according to the BLS,  the population of children ages 3 to 5 is expected to increase. Because children between these ages are typically enrolled in preschool, increases to that population will increase the demand for preschool teachers.

Preschool teachers earn a median annual salary of about $25,000 per year, according to the BLS. Kindergarten and elementary school teachers earn about $51,000 per year.

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