How to Become a Kindergarten Teacher

Careers in education are challenging, fun and fulfilling. When you become a kindergarten teacher, you will join the ranks of some of the most important teaching professionals in the world.

A kindergarten teacher’s job is unique in that much of your job is to teach basic social skills to young children. This is usually done through interactive play. Memory skills also begin to be taught in kindergarten. These skills will become the basis and foundation for all future learning and school interaction in the child’s life.

Kindergarten teachers need to have patience and empathy with young children’s short attention spans and high activity levels. Some consider kindergarten teachers to be the most influential in a child’s educational development.

Education Requirements

To become a kindergarten teacher, you will need a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education. Your state’s education department will offer specific requirements regarding necessary course credits. In addition to the bachelor degree, you will need a teaching certificate. The certificate is obtained by performing an internship in a real kindergarten classroom. In addition, you will need to complete certain specific written coursework, including a professional exam.

Career Options: What you can do with a degree in elementary education

Kindergarten teachers can work in public or private schools. Your school day will follow the traditional school schedule, with time off for summer vacations. In contrast to elementary school or high school teachers, you will not be grading homework or project assignments during evenings and weekends. You may, however, be planning activities for the following school day. On occasion, kindergarten teachers may schedule outdoor learning activities for kindergarten students that require extra planning and management.

There are also career opportunities for kindergarten teachers in daycare facilities. Your degree in elementary education would make you an outstanding candidate for a daycare supervisor for children who are not yet of school age. In this setting you would be supervising snack, nap times, and play activities, but the emphasis would not be on teaching.

If you are interested in helping special needs children, your degree in elementary education as a kindergarten teacher would enable you to become a special needs assistant. In this capacity you would help children who are either mentally or physically handicapped. Your daily activities might be as simple as passing a ball back and forth, or as physically challenging as helping to lift a child from their wheelchair. You might be assigned to working as a tutor for a child who is having difficulty learning the basics of the alphabet by spending extra time or presenting the material in different ways.

What to Consider if You Pursue an Education Degree as a Kindergarten Teacher

Job Outlook:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the job outlook of kindergarten teachers between 2010 and 2020 is growing at an average rate compared to other occupations.


According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of a kindergarten teacher in 2010 was $51,380. It’s important to remember that your pay will vary according to your state, level of experience and economic levels in your teaching community.

As a kindergarten teacher you will work closely with parents and young children. You will have the opportunity to be a special part of your students’ lives as they begin their educational experience. Kindergarten teachers routinely express joy and satisfaction with their jobs. Begin your career as a kindergarten teacher today.

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