High School Teacher Jobs

Teaching, especially as a high school teacher, is a rewarding and fulfilling profession, and nothing beats knowing you are helping to educate the country’s next generation of children. Careers in education are growing in the Internet age as well, and many people who might previously have been relegated to their current professions are now able to find the time and money to branch out into a new job path.

Online education makes earning a new degree much easier than it has been previously. Not only can the student work from their own home around a preexisting schedule of job and family duties, but classes are cheaper as well, freeing up money. Before launching onto this path, however, it is important to consider the options and ramifications of such a choice. The prospective high school teacher should make sure to fully understand education requirements and career options as well as potential employment opportunities and salary.

Education Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school teachers will need a bachelor degree in a field related to the one in which they want to teach. Therefore, if a prospective high school teacher wishes to teach biology, they must take a certain number of credit hours in that subject first. Specifically how many credits will vary by institution and state, so it is important to check the requirements of your individual area before proceeding.

In addition to classes in the subject area, a high school teacher will also need to take a certain number of classes in education before they can begin teaching. The degree in high school education often requires classes in childhood development, pedagogy (which is the subject of teaching), psychology and sociology, among others.

Lastly, in addition to the bachelor’(or sometimes master) degree, high school teachers will also need a state issued certification or license. This can’t be earned until the prospective student completes an intensive period of in-classroom training. This training is often referred to as student teaching or residency, or sometimes the teaching internship. It involves working in a classroom and eventually taking over that classroom as teacher to ensure that the student knows what the teaching experience will be like.

Career Options: What You Can Do with a Degree as a High School Teacher

High school teaching degrees are subject-specific, and therefore cannot easily be transferred between subjects. Therefore, if a student wanted to change their career path from one subject to another, they would need to complete the additional credit hours in that subject ensuring they were ready to teach the new material.

The options for how a high school teacher can fill his or her time vary depending on the institution and how many free hours the teacher has after they finish classes for the day. Many teachers enjoy helping out with extracurricular activities or sports, endeavors which can earn them extra money if they need it. They can also choose whether they want to work in a public or a private setting, which will dictate things like student population makeup, parental support and access to financial resources.

What to Consider if you Pursue a Degree as a High School Teacher

Lastly, high school teachers should consider how the time requirements and compensation will play into their lifestyles. Although teaching is commonly considered a poorly paid profession, many teachers think the average 2010 compensation of $53,230 per year (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) is more than worth it when added to the reward of teaching.

The more important consideration for those thinking about careers at the high school level might be job availability. Currently, job growth is slower than average in other career areas, predicted to be only 7 percent between 2010 and 2020, so finding jobs might be harder than someone is prepared for. If relocation is an option, very rural and very urban areas may have better job prospects than simply sticking in the area where your degree was received. The teacher can always move back to their preferred area when more jobs become available.

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