High School Teacher Job Description

Understanding a high school teacher job description is important for anyone seeking to pursue a career in education. While becoming a teacher can be very fulfilling, there is much more involved in the position than one may think. Most people considering a teaching job only know about the aspects they saw their teachers perform when in school. However, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that makes teaching much more time consuming. However, it is still a very rewarding career that can offer a lifetime of success and happiness.

Education Requirements

Understand requirements is vital to understanding a high school teacher job description. All high school teachers must have a bachelor degree before they can begin a teaching job. Both public and private schools will require this degree. To obtain a degree to become a high school teacher, students not only have to pass all of the courses designated, they also have student teacher requirements that must be met.

Once the degree is completed, students who wish to teach at a public school must also pass a state licensing exam, proving that they are worthy of a teaching job. If a student would rather teach at a private school, the licensing is not always required. However, many private schools prefer their teachers to have majored not only in education, but also in the area they are teaching.

However, after landing a teaching position, one’s schooling is not over. Many high school teachers are required to complete professional development programs periodically so they remain up-to-date in their field.

Career Options: What You Can Do with a High School Teaching Degree

Knowing the basic high school teacher job description, what can you do with it? With a teaching degree, the main two options are to teach in a public school or a private school. Each has their pros and cons, and oftentimes teachers will simply teach wherever they can get a job. With a teaching degree, one may also choose to pursue a career in high school administration. This is often achieved through years of work as a teacher and hard work and dedication. Further education may also help.

Since everyone has been in high school, they think they have a pretty good idea what a high school teacher does. They teach students and grade papers. Yes, this is true, but teachers also do a lot more behind-the-scenes work that many people are not aware occurs.

Whether teachers are teaching in a public or private school, they are responsible for every aspect of their lesson plans. They have to create the lesson plans, get them approved, and then execute them. They also have to asses and fairly grade all assignments and tests given. Additionally, they have to manage the budget they are given, plan field trips, and meet with parents.

Most high school teachers only teach one specific subject, such as math or science, to several different classes throughout the day. Some classes contain students who are all in the same grade, while others have students mixed in age. If there is a need, some teachers may teach more than one subject throughout the day, but they are usually related. For example, an English teacher may also be asked to teach Speech or Journalism.

In addition to teaching during the day, many teachers also participate in extra-curricular activities, such as coaching the basketball team or advising the debate team. These opportunities allow the teachers to have more interaction with the students and make some extra money.

What to Consider if You Pursue a High School Teaching Degree

If the basic high school job description sounded ideal, what is there to consider? When someone chooses to become a teacher, they are choosing a career with the focus of helping students reach their full potential. It is widely believed that teachers do not make enough money for what they do. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school teachers make an average annual salary of $53,230. The job has a predicted growth of 7%, which is slower than average, making teaching a competitive field.

Teachers do have an ideal schedule on paper, working basic school-day hours and getting weekends and summers off. However, many teachers put in extended hours in the evenings and on weekends to get all of their work done.

Teachers may not make the most amount of money or have the ideal schedule, but they do affect people’s lives every day. In fact, many people attribute their success in life to the teachers they had growing up. This is both a great privilege and a great responsibility for a teacher to have.

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