How to become a High School Teacher

Careers in education are one of the most fulfilling occupations you can pursue. As a high school teacher, you will be influencing future generations. Your guidance will enable young adults to achieve their dreams.

Education Requirements

To become a high school teacher, you must first hold or obtain a Bachelor Degree in Education. Each state has specific regulations regarding the course requirements for future high school teachers. Often, a minimum amount of credit hours must be earned from a variety of curriculum. It is wise to review your state’s requirements as soon as possible after you’ve decided to become a high school teacher. That way, you can avoid the time and additional expense of taking extra classes.

Your grade point average will come under scrutiny during the interview process at any high school at which you choose to apply. This may make the difference between your potential employer hiring you or another job candidate.

During your college years, make connections with your teachers and peers. When you are finally ready to apply for a high school teaching job, these social connections will be useful. You will know who to ask for letters of recommendations, and you might be personally referred for an open teaching position.

After you graduate with your bachelor degree, you will are ready to apply for your state’s teaching certification. Each state will differ, but generally, the certificate will be earned through a mix of hands-on classroom work and focused instruction in the area in which you are interested in teaching. At this point, you will be observing and assisting high school teachers in real classrooms. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about how the school system operates behind the scenes. You will learn about the hierarchy of positions within the school, and about the politics of education. In some cases, the school where you do your internship may offer you a full-time position after you have your teaching certificate.

Career Options: What you can do with a degree in high school teaching

As a high school teacher, you may choose a traditional path such as becoming a science, math or history teacher. If you have specific interests and verifiable expertise, you might also teach a second class in your school, such as drama or chorus. When situations change in your life, you might like to teach part-time, or as a substitute teacher. An even more exotic high school teaching career might be a stint as an English language teacher in a foreign country. Countries such as China, Japan, Indonesia and Russia hire high school teachers who can live in their country and teach English. If you like the idea of teaching the English language to foreigners but don’t want to live abroad, you might like to teach ESL, or English as a Second Language, to immigrants in this country. Typically, these classes are held at night in schools or libraries.

Another career option for high school teachers is being a tutor. Tutors can work for companies, universities or individuals. For example, universities hire tutors to help their athletes meet state minimum grade requirements. During tutoring, you will work one-on-one with a single student in one or more areas of their study. Certain families hire tutors to help their children who are not able to attend school on a regular basis due to travel or work requirements.

What to Consider if You Pursue an Education Degree

Job Outlook:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of high school teachers is expected to grow at a slower rate than other occupations.


The median pay of a high school teacher is approximately $53,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure varies widely according to the state where you teach.

Your degree as a high school teacher offers you a variety of colorful career options. Your future is in your hands when you decide to become a high school teacher. If teaching high school interests you, there is no reason to let anything deter you from your goal.

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