Why Become an Elementary School Teacher

Despite the number of responsibilities of an elementary school teacher, the potentially long days and the reporting to a number of authorities, people continue to pursue this teaching career. As in all professional endeavors, there are below average, average and exceptional teachers in the educational field. There are numerous teaching styles and personalities in this career field. However, successful elementary school teachers do have some common motivations for choosing this field of work.

Reasons To Become An Elementary School Teacher

They like working with children

Elementary school teachers enjoy helping children reach their full potential. They like trying different ways to help children learn. And they get great satisfaction out of seeing children grow and evolve emotionally and intellectually in the classroom.

They have good skills with children

Besides enjoying being around the company of children, the elementary school teacher works well with them. This teacher may have a communication style that works consistently with children and the teaching approach engages children and keeps them interested in their education. Most teachers who are good with children will say that they feel they don’t have to struggle in the classroom to teach.

They respect the subjects taught

Elementary school teachers have to master several topics such as reading, writing, math, science, social studies and geography and they must be prepared to teach them to a classroom of children. This teacher prefers the variety to specializing in one topic that they teach all of the time.

They enjoy trying out a variety of techniques

Learning at the elementary school level is often about repetition. Good elementary school teachers use a variety of teaching methods to repeat material to the class, or when working with individual students. These teachers are always looking for new ways to present material and they enjoy the challenge of creating innovative ways to teach.

They enjoy the creative challenges

Most elementary school teachers are very creative people. Schools rarely can afford to provide all of the resources the teacher would like to use. Therefore, these teachers must come up with innovative ways to use what they have available to teach their topics. Being creative with what you have is a challenge that people who go into this professional love to experience.

They are good communicators

The people who choose this career are good at communicating with children and adults. Besides engaging the students in their classroom, elementary school teachers must interact with other teachers, parents, school board members and school administrators. Being able to effectively communicate with all of these people is necessary for a successful career as an elementary school teacher.

They often feel the call to serve the community through teaching

Many successful elementary school teachers say they felt a calling to the profession. They were motivated to become a teacher through a desire to serve the community by working with its children. This is why many continue in the role despite the difficult times of budget cuts and lack of resources.

They like seeing progress

Elementary school teachers like to watch their students evolve and grow. They watch students go from not knowing the alphabet to being able to read stories out of a book. There is great satisfaction in watching this growth and being an integral part of it.

They enjoy being part of a child’s foundation for learning

The elementary school teacher participates in the ground-level education of each student. All of their subsequent educational endeavors depend on this foundation. Students often remember influential elementary teachers throughout their lives. Being part of this foundation is a privilege that keeps many teachers in this role for decades.

Education Requirements for the Elementary School Teacher Degree

The majority of colleges and universities require a high school diploma or GED to be admitted to their teaching program. It will help to show some involvement with children such as volunteering to be a tutor, camp counselor, or teaching assistant.

Most states require a bachelors in education to become an elementary school teacher. They also may require a teaching certificate, especially if the degree is not specifically in education (such as science or math).

Career Options: What you can do with an Elementary School Teacher Degree

Most people with an elementary school teaching degree will become an elementary school teacher. Some may work as a tutor for one or more topics. They can work as an education consultant to school districts, helping them to create new programs. Some prefer to create the textbooks and other materials used in the classroom.

What to Consider if you Pursue an Elementary School Teacher Degree

The U.S. Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics states that elementary school teachers continue to be in demand and they predict that the demand will grow at a rate of 17% between 2010 and 2020. With a minimum of a bachelors degree, the Bureau lists the median salary of a elementary school teacher to be $51,300 a year. Factors such as location and type of school affect this average salary.