Finding an Elementary School Teacher Job

No matter what changes occur in the economy, one thing will remain certain: qualified people will be needed to fill elementary school teacher jobs. Children will always need an education, and to provide this requires skilled, properly educated teachers. These jobs are ideal for people who love children, have strong communication skills and are able to think creatively to find solutions to problems faced in the classroom.

Finding an elementary school teacher job involves sending applications to school district offices and principals in the area where the teacher wishes to teach. Before considering elementary school teacher jobs, interested individuals will need the proper education.

Education Requirements

A bachelor degree is the base requirement for kindergarten and elementary school teachers. In order to enter the bachelor degree program, those interested in pursuing elementary school teacher jobs will need a high school degree or equivalent certificate prior to entering college. In addition to their college education, teachers must perform a student teaching internship under an established teacher. If they wish to teach in public school settings, teachers will also need to pursue licensure. Many teachers go on to pursue advanced training, as a master and even a doctoral degree in education increases earning potential and helps teachers find more appealing positions in their schools.

Career Options: What You Can Do with a Degree in Elementary Education

Most elementary school teacher jobs are classroom teacher positions in kindergarten and elementary schools. The typical elementary school teacher degree program certifies teachers to work in kindergarten through sixth grade, although some states offer certification through ninth grade to those who complete an elementary teacher education program.

Teachers who find a job as a classroom teacher will spend their time creating a positive learning environment for their students. They will create lesson plans, present lessons, organize classroom activities, evaluate student performance and work with parents to ensure their students get a quality education and reach their full learning potential. Classroom management, grading and community outreach are also part of most elementary school teacher jobs.

A degree in elementary education can also open the door to other types of jobs with further training. Special education teachers, reading teachers and subject specific teachers, like art teachers, may begin their education with the standard bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Teachers who cannot find a position as a classroom teacher can work as teacher’s aids or substitute teachers until a position opens for them.

Finally, this degree field can provide opportunities outside of the classroom. Teachers who want something different can pursue tutoring positions. Elementary teachers can work in daycare centers, day camps and libraries.

What to Consider if You Pursue a Degree in Elementary Education

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the average pay for elementary school teacher jobs is $51,380 per year. There were 1,655,800 people employed in these occupations in 2010, and the expected job growth outlook was 17 percent, which is about as fast as average.

The outlook for elementary school teacher jobs is steady, and students are going to need teachers as long as there are schools. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the student-teacher ratio in schools is expected to decline from 2010 to 2020. If the number of students in school remains steady, this will create a demand for more teachers in the future. For this reason, those who are interested in investing their lives in kids should consider a degree in elementary education.

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