Jobs for Early Childhood Education Teachers

In and out of the classroom, early childhood education jobs focus on children from birth to five years old. Available careers enable degree holders to make a difference in their community as they teach in the classroom, provide babysitting services or serve as nannies.

Education Requirements for Careers in Early Childhood Education

Traditional colleges and online universities offer early childhood education degrees. Certificate, associate and bachelor degrees enable students to work with young children in various settings.

Young children develop quickly. Early childhood education classes focus on childhood development. Students learn about a child’s physical, emotional, social and cognitive behavior. They’ll use this information to understand children and provide the solid foundation every child needs for life.

Young children display unmatched curiosity as they learn how to walk, eat and play. Caregivers must create an environment that gives children access to safety, relaxation and peace as they learn and grow.

While learning about childhood development and behavior, students also learn how to create curriculum that’s age-appropriate, engaging and child-centered. They’ll be able to teach life skills, diversity and morals to one child or a group of children.

Career Options for Early Childhood Education Degree Holders

Many early childhood education majors use their degree as preschool teachers in public, private or religious schools. Other specialized careers include:

  • private nanny or au pair to one or more local or international children
  • daycare provider in a center or as a self-employed childcare provider
  • play group supervisor in the neighborhood, at a center or in a school
  • consultant for preschool curriculum writers
  • daycare center inspector
  • parental coach
  • toddler story time leader in schools, libraries and community settings
  • teach art, music or sports to young children

What to Consider When Pursuing an Early Childhood Education Degree

Early childhood education degree holders appreciate the job security and personal fulfillment their career provides as they pursue jobs caring for young children.

Careers in childcare continue to look promising in the coming years. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 25 percent increase in preschool teacher jobs and a 20 percent increase in childcare worker jobs before 2020. Anyone wishing to pursue a job in these career fields is very likely to find numerous available jobs.

Preschool teachers earn an average of $25,700 per year or $12.35 per hour. Childcare workers average a salary of $19,300 per year. Despite the low-income averages, workers in these careers perform a very important job. They shape and mold young minds during a very formative time.

Young children grow and learn faster than any other age group. Early Childhood Education jobs give caregivers immense responsibility as they care for impressionable and curious minds. The career is perfect for anyone who loves children and wants to shape the next generation.

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