Getting an Education Technology Degree

Thanks to people who have earned an educational technology degree, the quality of online instruction has improved to the point that highly respected schools are now able to offer degree programs that are not only valued by the business world, but are valued by society in general.

Education technology is pivotal to eLearning and the technology that supports it. As the number of high school drop-outs causes state governments to seek out alternative methods to teach these students, online learning has become a viable option for several reasons. It takes the student out of a peer environment and it frees up space in already overcrowded schools. Online education could soon become a much more popular method of teaching high school-aged students.

Education Requirements

This degree program is designed for teachers who understand the needs of cutting-edge education. To get into a bachelor degree program, you’ll need at least a high school diploma.

A master degree in education technology program, which usually requires a bachelor degree, focuses on curriculum and instruction through eLearning and technology. Most programs help students develop expertise in implementing new teaching methods and developing methods of authentic assessment and other tools to evaluate learning and comprehension.

These tools include understanding how to modify lessons based on test scores. Students of the program also should expect to hone teaching skills as they develop better planning and assessment skills across all populations, including special-needs students.

Earning a doctorate would qualify you to teach at the university level and research new forms of education technology.

Career Options

Jobs in education technology typically include teachers who will lead classes in the online arena. These are hybrid classes that combine traditional and online teaching.

Jobs within this career field may included:

  • High school teacher.
  • Adult education teacher.
  • Community college teacher.
  • University teacher.

What to Consider if you Pursue an Education Technology Degree

High school teachers earn a median annual salary of about $53,000 a year, according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, which says these jobs should grow by about 7 percent over the coming decade. Post-secondary teachers earn a median annual salary of about $62,000 per year, the BLS says, and these jobs should grow by 17% by 2020.

The BLS has very little data education technology jobs, but two things should be considered. The first is that online education is poised to hit the high school level, so the employment opportunities for this position should rise. The second consideration is that this degree is specialized, so competition for jobs will be fairly low and salaries could be higher than similar jobs in the same school.

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