Why get a Bachelor Degree in General Studies

A general studies degree focuses on giving adult students the chance to finish their bachelor degree quickly without a particular career focus.

Those who need the benefit of a bachelor-level education but do not necessarily need a degree in a specific field can round out their education with a bachelor degree in general studies. Often, these programs are designed for adult students with life experience and some credit hours but who still need to finish their bachelor’s degree.

When these programs are aimed at adult learners, they will have a flexible curriculum and class schedules, often including online courses. Also, schools will work with scheduling to maximize each credit and minimize the time required to finish the degree, so students can get the education they need without spending so many hours in the classroom.

Education Requirements

The education requirement for a bachelor degree in general education vary from one program to the next. Some programs require no more than a high school diploma or equivalent. These programs will include all of the general education courses necessary for the bachelor’s degree. Other degrees, such as the ones designed for busy adults, will require you to have already finished some coursework. Around 60 credits of general education, about the equivalent of an associate’s degree, may be required for these programs.

Career Options: What Can You Do with a Bachelor’s Degree in General Education

Because a general education degree is not centered on any particular career field, it can be the entry-level degree for a wide range of occupations. Many jobs do not require industry-specific course work, but do require a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Office jobs, managerial positions, government jobs, social service work and even technology careers are all available to someone with a general studies degree.

A general studies degree can also be the foundation for further study. Some students who are not sure where their career goals will take them can start their training with this degree, then focus on their career-specific training in their graduate work. Others will pursue a professional certificate in the career of their choice after attaining a general studies degree.

What to Consider if You Pursue a Bachelor Degree in General Education

Because people with a general studies degree can be employed in so many career fields, estimating an average yearly income is challenging. However, simply having a bachelor’s-level education improves your earnings potential significantly.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people who have a bachelor’s degree and are employed full-time will earn an average of $52,200, while part-time workers earn $45,400. Those who have just a high school diploma earn an average of $30,400 per year when employed full-time. This significant difference points to the benefits of a general studies degree.

Whether used as a foundation for further study or as an entry point for a career, a bachelor’s degree in general studies is a good choice for those who do not have a specific career in mind, but want to maximize their future earning potential. A general studies degree provides all of the core knowledge necessary for a successful career in many fields.

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