Why Get a Bachelor Degree in Elementary Education?

Earning a bachelor degree in elementary education degree is essential for those who hope to teach young children in grades kindergarten through sixth grade.

The bachelor degree level of education ensures that children are taught by qualified professionals. The road to becoming an elementary school teacher is not always easy, but it is very rewarding. Elementary school teachers are often the most influential people in a child’s life and they can help create a strong generation of future leaders.

To be a successful elementary teacher, you’ll need patience, creativity, strong communication skills and a willingness to learn how to explain things clearly to young children.

Education Requirements

For starters, you’ll need a high school diploma to get in to a bachelor degree  in elementary education program.

Most schools require that their teachers have a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. However, those with a bachelor degree in the subject they are teaching (math or English, for instance) who want to work in elementary education can simply take a few additional classes that focus on child psychology and teaching young children.

As part of the schooling process, students are also required to complete a certain amount of hours in an actual classroom as a student teacher. This experience gives them extra know-how once they enter the classroom as the sole teacher.

Once the elementary education degree is completed, students also have to pass a state-issued certification test to begin teaching. This test ensures that all teachers are actually proficient in what they are teaching. This certification is only a requirement in public schools. Private schools have their own individual criteria.

Career Options: What You Can Do with an Elementary Education Degree

An elementary education degree allows graduates to work in public or private schools from kindergarten to sixth grade. Most elementary school teachers teach all of the subjects to the same group of students throughout the day. For example, they will begin the day by teaching English, continue on to math and then work on science projects in the afternoon.

Some elementary school teachers have specialties such as art, music or physical education. These teachers require more in-depth education in the area they are teaching. Throughout the day, these teachers only teach the one subject they are trained in. Each class will take turns visiting them throughout the week.

Another option for people with an elementary education degree is becoming a tutor. One can choose to either work for a tutor center or own a tutoring business. Owning a tutoring business has many benefits, such as a flexible schedule and tax incentives. Elementary school teachers may also wish to further their education to become a member of the administration, increasing their income potential.

What to Consider if You Pursue an Elementary Education Degree

Elementary teachers have a consistent schedule, working the same hours students are in school. This means they also get large amounts of vacation during holidays and the summer. However, many teachers also have to do a substantial amount of work in their off time, such as grading assignments and creating lesson plans.

Most teachers belong to a union, so after their probationary period is over, they have a decent level of job security. The union also protects teachers from unfair requests and salary fluctuations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says elementary school teachers have a projected job growth of 17 percent in the next 10 years, which is average. New graduates will still have to compete for jobs, but it will not be impossible to get one.

Elementary school teachers earn median annual salary of $51,380, according to the BLS. While this salary is pretty average and can allow a nice quality of life, the salary is usually not the draw for people seeking this career. They choose this career for the benefits of working with children while helping to develop strong members of society.

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