Job Outlook 101: Associates Degree in Education

Once enrolled in their college of choice, a prospective student will need to satisfy the course requirements for graduation in order to be granted an associates degree in education. These course lists will vary from college to college, but the typically take two years of full-time attendance to complete. Classes can be taken on campus or through online education programs, provided that the online course is offered by an accredited source that has the power to grant the degree or offers guaranteed transfer of credits to another institution. When considering a college for pursuing an associates degree in education, it’s important to focus on the college’s expectations of enrolling students, including general aptitude scores in subjects like English and Math, prior to deciding if an institution is the right fit.

Required Schooling for an Associated Degree in Education

In order to obtain an Associate Degree in Education, prospective students will generally need to obtain either a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma (GED) prior to registering at their college of choice. For specific guidance, the rules of a chosen college should be reviewed closely prior to enrollment.

Once an education associate degree has been obtained through satisfaction of a college’s requirements, the student can then use this degree to enroll in a bachelor degree program, and later, an accreditation course and licensing test to teach in positions such as grade schools and high schools.

Career Options: What You Can Co with an Associate Degree in Education

While an associate degree in education is geared towards students who intend to pursue a bachelor degree and licensing tests for teaching, there are many standalone jobs available as well. With an associates degree, teaching students can hold jobs as a:

  • Teaching assistant
  • Child care worker
  • Preschool teacher

What to Consider if you Pursue an Associate Degree in Education

Obtaining an associates degree in education will require approximately two years of full time enrollment, or roughly 20 classes, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Even with grants and loans, supplies and tuition may still be a consideration so financial planning is important. In addition, course schedules may require special work scheduling or child care, though advances such as online education programs and Internet classes provide more flexibility to today’s students.

As a teaching assistant, those with an associates degree in education can expect a job market growth of 15% from 2010 to 2020. Salaries for this position offer a median salary of $23,000 a year. This pay comes with a potential increase to $51,000 if a bachelor degree is later pursued and used to find a position teaching in a kindergarten or elementary school.

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