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10 Websites that Make Learning Fun for Kids

By Rob Klindt Technologies — from interactive whiteboards and scanners to online testing and attendance trackers — have excited a lot of educators in recent years. And a lot of their students have responded with a collective yawn. But classroom technology doesn’t have to be dull. Teachers aiming to get kids excited about learning need […]

How Teachers can Add Twitter to the Classroom Toolbox

By Rob Klindt With more than 200 million users worldwide sending about 500 million tweets each day, Twitter is one of the most popular social media programs on the Internet. Its popularity is tied to its versatility. In addition to personal communications, Twitter is widely used in business, education, politics and even in government. It […]

The Best Online Communities for Teachers

By Rob Klindt Online teacher communities offer one of the best ways for new and veteran educators to keep up with industry trends. These communities encourage teachers to collaborate and share resources with colleagues, discuss teaching strategies and connect with experts in the education field. Joining a teacher community can also help teachers find resources […]

Apps, Websites Ease Teachers’ Back-to-School Workload

By Rob Klindt Every teacher should be prepared for the back-to-school season. As soon as students tumble back into the classroom after a summer away from studies, everything should already be in place to ensure a smooth transition into the new school year. Among the things teachers should have ready on the first day of […]