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Toddler Tech: Great Online Learning Tools for Preschoolers

By Rob Klindt It’s never too early to hop aboard the learning train. That’s the thought some parents have when they let very young children play with the family iPad, smartphone or computer. But are these children really learning useful information, or simply watching random programs that play on the device? That’s where educational websites […]

Smaller Search Engines Focus on Education

By Rob Klindt Beyond the wildly popular Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, there are many lesser-known engines that are tailored especially for educators. The idea behind them is to allow users to get streamlined search results that focus on educational and scholarly topics. A side benefit is that these programs use search algorithms that […]

Assistive Technology Can Help Special-Needs Students

By Rob Klindt Special-needs students can have a hard time adapting to new technology that is revolutionizing how teachers teach and how students learn. Teachers are engaging students with online video, interactive whiteboards, tablet computers, smartphones and many more tools. Many students who are already familiar with Web and digital technology seem to be responding […]

10 High-Tech Hardware and Software Tools Every Teacher Should Consider

By Rob Klindt As technology continues to transform classroom learning, teachers are looking for the best hardware and software deals they can find. But some devices like interactive whiteboards or scanners are pricey and school districts often aren’t able to stretch their budgets to buy one for every classroom. In that case, teachers may have […]