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Top 10 Web Tools For Teachers to Check Out During Summer Break

By Rob Klindt While students are on summer break, many teachers take a breather from daily classroom chores and test new technologies that might become valuable tools when classes resume in the fall. Teachers can choose from thousands of online resources including classroom planners, automated testing programs, downloadable books, music and multimedia presentations. We’ve compiled […]

How Teachers Use Pinterest in Classrooms

By Rob Klindt Social media has made the Internet an essential tool for teachers who want to share ideas, resources and lesson plans. One of the most popular social media tools is Pinterest. Launched in 2010, it’s a free service that lets users “pin” documents, videos, photos and other things to a virtual “pin board” […]

Should Tablets Replace Textbooks in the Classroom?

By Rob Klindt While there’s no question among educators that tablet technology has become a valuable tool in today’s classrooms, there is some debate about whether tablets should completely replace textbooks. While tablets are the new tool in the K-12 classroom shed, traditional textbooks are still an $8 billion a year industry with some heavy […]