Digital App Puts Common Core Materials in Teachers’ Hands

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By Rob Klindt

The explosion of digital apps for downloading all types of documents has been especially helpful to teachers who want to get their hands on Common Core State Standards materials quickly and easily.

Developing and updating a classroom curriculum is a constant challenge for educators, and never more so than with the advent of the Common Core State Standards, which require students to meet a minimum proficiency in selected core subjects.

A majority of states have adopted CCSS guidelines, which set similar standards for teaching English language arts and math in K-12 classrooms. Common Core aims to ensure that students across the United States meet the same educational criteria, even if they change schools or move to a different state.

While English and math are covered, the Common Core does not yet apply to science or social studies, which means minimum standards for those subjects are set by local school districts or individual states.

Nonetheless, Common Core is an important tool for teachers and school administrators to track student progress across all grade levels.

CCSS Material Can be Cumbersome

Typically, the CCSS materials are printed and distributed to educators in binders or document folders, which can be large and bulky.

For teachers who don’t have an assigned classroom or storage space at their school, it can be a problem lugging unwieldy binders between their homes, classrooms or even between different schools.

In addition, printed updates to the Common Core package sometimes can be slow to arrive or might be overlooked.

Common Core App iPhone screen shot

Above, a screenshot from the iPad Common Core App.

Common Core App to the Rescue

Now, with just a few clicks on a smartphone or an iPad tablet, teachers can download the entire CCSS package in a digital format that includes a clean and easy-to-read interface design, search capability and appendices.

Other advantages of the digital CCSS app include:

  • Increased portability
  • Easy navigation
  • Electronic updates
  • The ability to set text size
  • The ability to share with colleagues

And best of all, the app is free.

Developed by MasteryConnect, the Common Core App designed for the Apple iPhone and iPad is available from the iTunes store. The size is 4.4 megabytes and it’s compatible with iPhone 3GS and above, iPad and iPad mini. It also works with iPod touch, third through fifth generations.

For Android phone users, the app is available from Google Play. The size is 2.1 megabytes and it requires Android operating system 2.1 or above.