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Teachers Tout Favorite Classroom Tech Tools

By Rob Klindt Gone are the days of writing classroom notes and lessons on a whiteboard using colored pens and editing with messy erasers. Technology has made that age-old practice obsolete. But, guess what? The whiteboard lives on. Just ask Joni Clark, a special education resource teacher in Fremont, Calif. This year Clark put away […]

Ten Free Classroom Tools to Transform Learning

By Rob Klindt Online technology is continuing to transform the way educators develop and implement their classroom curricula. Developers have created a multitude of programs that cover math, reading, science, geology, geography, language arts and just about any other subject that might come up in a classroom. And here’s the best news for teachers working […]

Digital App Puts Common Core Materials in Teachers’ Hands

By Rob Klindt The explosion of digital apps for downloading all types of documents has been especially helpful to teachers who want to get their hands on Common Core State Standards materials quickly and easily. Developing and updating a classroom curriculum is a constant challenge for educators, and never more so than with the advent […]

More Schools Finding Ways to get iPads, Chromebooks into Students’ Hands

By Rob Klindt Educators throughout the nation are embracing hands-on technology in the classroom. And the tablet computer increasingly appears to be the tool of choice among K-12 teachers because of its simplicity, versatility and availability. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest district in the United […]

Tips for Finding Free Classic Literature for Owners of Tablets, Smartphones

By Rob Klindt Robert Louis Stevenson, meet Kindle, Nook and iPad Mini. Thanks to this trio of popular electronic devices (and others like them), Stevenson’s most famous novel, “Treasure Island,” written more than a century ago, has adapted very nicely to the digital age. The classic tale of swashbuckling, treasure-hunting pirates on the high seas […]

Got Bullies? Here’s How to Stop Them

By Rob Klindt Most of us have seen it sometime in our lives: a child who repeatedly intimidates, taunts, humiliates or even hits another child. While some people might dismiss this as just rude behavior or a kid’s playground scuffle, it’s more than that. It’s bullying. And it isn’t confined to street corners or neighborhood […]

Digital Distractions in Classrooms Can Lead to Chaos

By Rob Klindt When it’s time for classroom study, are your students more focused on cellphones than science? Maybe you’ve noticed math students are ditching fractions for Facebook while others are texting with Twitter. Welcome to the world of classroom digital distractions. Education blogger Dan Reiner describes a distraction as anything that shifts attention from where it needs […]